Tuesday, May 3

Festival Fashion

As many of you know I got the chance to hit up Coachella this year, and it was the cat's pajamas! Besides an awesome line-up, I was super inspired by all of the amazing fashion. As you would expect the fashion vibe was very 60's and 70's throw back with modern twists, everything I personally love!

Coachella was just the kick off to an amazing jam packed concert calendar, so I thought I'd share some of my picks for functional yet fierce festival style!

When you go to a concert or festival you need to have your hands free, so you can wave them in the air like you just don't care. Here are some hands free option that will still allow you carry what you need.

I personally made it though Coachella with this suede bag, in the mint color, and it was perfect and is deceivingly roomy. It also turns into a backpack! Urban Outfitters

Do these pocket belts blow your mind or what? Not only do these belts look amazing, but they have compartments to carry concert essentials, allowing you to truly be hands free. You can find all of these styles at Free People.

Another blast form the past trend that is back are wide leg and bell bottom jeans. Wear them with a fitted t-shit, flowy tank or crop top to balance out the look. Get these looks at Free People, Shopbop and asos.

When it comes to accessorizing for a concert or festival it really is best to keep it simple. Accessorize with functional and practical pieces. The best look is one that appears effortless but still enhances your look.

Sunglasses are a festival accessory must have, here are a few looks, all from Urban Outfitters.

Aviators are obviously the go-to choice. These bad boys will never go out of style and it's worth investing in a great pair!
Try a pair with a pop of color, or fun tinted shades. I love this pair in peach, the color of the season!
 Channel you inner John Lennon with these classic throw back round rim shades.

A hat is another functional must! If you are at an all day event sunscreen alone may not be enough! Accessorize with a funky hat to get your shade in style. Find these styles at Free People and Asos

A lightweight scarf is also a great accessory because it can be versatile. Use it as a head wrap, around your shoulders when it cools down, or to wipe off the inevitable spilled beer!  
Find these styles at Asos
Lastly and most important...shoes! Don't kid yourself by thinking you'll just wear your most comfortable wedges or that those kitten heals won't hurt. When it comes to concert comfort it begins and ends with your tootsies! Those heals may help you see the stage a little better but it won't be worth it. Here are the only viable options in my opinion: 

The classic Chuck-T will go with jeans or shorts and NEVER is out of style. 

I saw a lot of cut off shorts and boots at Coachella and it looks cute, but can get hot. Flat boots are great if you plan to really rock out in the crowds, you won't have to worry about your exposed feet getting stepped on or shins getting kicked.

Flip-Flops are the obvious go to as well, but make sure they are a comfortable pair. Havaianas have good cushion and come in fun styles.   

Bottom line stay comfy, look fabulous and have fun with your fashion!

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