Sunday, December 12

Side Dish in a Snap

Quick Herb Roasted Red Potatoes

 This dish calls for a few basic ingredients:

Red Potatoes (about 1/2 of a small bag)
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

(I used fresh herbs, but feel free to use the dried herbs you have on hand, it works just as well).

Quarter the red potatoes and coat in olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Chop up herbs, or sprinkle dry herbs on the potatoes, as much or as little as you'd like, and toss.

Transfer the potatoes to a rimmed, foil covered baking sheet.

Cook @ 350 for about 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

Friday, December 10

Mix & Match

Ohh Anthropologie

Here is a set I created with winter looks from Anthropologie.

Neo-Refinement Pullover
$88 -

J Brand Maria Leggings
$152 -
J Brand leggings »
Palmerston Boots
$248 -
Anthropologie boots »
Textile Play Tote
$148 -
Top zip tote »
Wintertide Scarf
$58 -
Wraps & shawls »
Space Race Santa Tinsel
$6 -

Pumpkin Vine Bracket
$14 -

Wednesday, December 8

Easy and Yummy Side Dish

Pumpkin Spiced Carrots with Raisins

This is one of my favorite recipes for carrots and it's also ridiculously easy!

 Chop and steam 1 bunch of carrots (or steam a bag of baby carrots).

Steam time usually takes about 15-20 minutes on medium heat, depending on how many carrots you are making.

Once you have steamed the carrots, place them in a serving bowl and mix in 2 tablespoons of Pumpkin Butter (you can find it at Trader Joe's) and 1/2 cup of golden raisins.

If you are feeling really adventurous you can mix in some toasted chopped pecans. 

 Voila! That's seriously it, and it's seriously yummy!

More Mini Gift Ideas

This two-for-one gift includes travel size his and hers PRADA fragrances, which makes it a perfect mini gift for a couple. Prada for $10 bucks? Can't beat that! Get it at Sephora.

Give the gift of 4 mini gourmet oils, infused with basil, chilis, garlic, and oregano. These are sure to please any taste buds, get them at Crate&Barrel for $9.

This hand cream smells amazing, with notes of citrus, verbena, and mandarin blossom. Plus it's in uber cute eye catching packaging. Get it at Love&Toast for $9

Also check out these lip balms below from Love&Toast in Prickly Pear and Lemon Mint, $9 each. 

Tuesday, December 7

Not Your Sushi Joint Sake

Most of us are familiar with Sake only when it's being "bombed" into a beer, or being served warm with your California roll, but Sake is reinventing itself!

The ancient drink is showing up more and more in posh restaurants and night clubs, and is taking on a new flare! TY KU sake brand serves up a variety of sake based liqueurs, all of which have fewer calories per serving then traditional vodka and rum and range from 40-50 proof.

The TY KU liqueur (the green bottle above) combines soft citrus, fresh melon, tea, botanicals and a hint of ginger. YUM!

Here are a few options I found that sound delicious and are all 100 calories or under! That being said, if you are looking for a wild night out on the town you will have to drink more of this stuff to get that loving feeling, which will wind up balancing out those calories you saved. If you're in the mood for just a few cocktails however, this is definitely the better way to go.

Using unsweetened green tea this Tokyo Tea cocktail is 69 calories!

Another great way to use Sake is as a substitute for wine in your next sangria. Pour Sake over fruits like green apples and fresh pears, then mash up the fruit and strain the liquid and fruit mixture into a pitcher or glass, voila!

For more info on TY KU and their award winning Sake visit their site. A bottle of this stuff runs you about$25 and up.

Just a Little Something

Here are some great gifts under $10 that are perfect for stocking suffers, or hostess gifts.

Wine scarf - adorable! Give it alone, or pair it with a wine stopper to beef up the gift and still make it under 10 bucks! You can find all of these items at Crate&Barrel online, or in the store.

Candles always make a great gift for the holidays, especially when given in a festive scent. Find these selections at Target.

 I dig this unique pine-cone candle from Crate&Barrel too!

You don't need small hands for these cuties! Combine a mini mug with this coco mix in a holiday tin to make a perfect pair. Get the mini mugs and the coco mix tin at Crate&Barrel.

Everyone loves a sweet treat during the holidays and these budget friendly picks from Crate&Barrel are yummy and adorably packaged.